Cheerleaders ARE athletes!


Cheer Registration will begin on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 10am. Please register your daughter ONLINE prior to attending the uniform fitting (there will be NO cheer fitting on 3/17/18). Register HERE

Our cheer fitting will be held on Monday, March 19, 2018 from 6 – 8pm at the GPP Community Center. Please register your daughter ONLINE prior to attending the uniform fitting. Register HERE.  Please note:  Registration for cheer will CLOSE for the 2018 season at the end of May.
Cheerleaders may register online. HERE

First Child $220.00 + Uniform*
Second Child $195.00 + Uniform*
Third Child $170.00 + Uniform*
Fourth Child Free + Uniform*

*$255 is the cost of all mandatory items. Items include: shell, skirt, red bloomers, white liner, red and white poms pons and Varsity shoes. Warm up may be purchased at an additional cost but is not mandatory. Uniforms will be mailed to you with the exception of the shell and skirt. Those items will be sent to the Cheer Director. They will be available for pick up at evaluations.



Contact Tiffany Sharpe at with any questions.

We are also offering a uniform consignment sale/shop just before our fitting on Monday, March 19, 2018 beginning at 5pm. This is an opportunity to purchase a gently used uniform.

Register Here


We are excited to be starting our 2018 cheer season and look forward to working with new and returning cheer coaches!  No prior coaching experience is necessary just a desire and love for working with kids!!!  If you are interested in coaching this season for any grade level please email Tiffany Sharpe at


Evaluations will be held on Wednesday July 18 at NGHS. Room & Time TBD. Cheerleaders will be placed on a squad done by a draft per GFL rules. You are welcome to make requests but NGFA CAN NOT guarantee any squad placement requests. 


Stunt clinic will be July 23rd 1st-3rd grades, July 24 4th-5th grades and July 25th 6th-8th grades at NGHS during camp. All cheerleaders MUST attend a mandatory stunt clinic. Per GFL rules and for the safety of all cheerleaders, grades 1-8 must attend the stunt clinic to be able to participate in any stunting for the 2018 cheer season.

Cheer camp will be held on July 23-26 at NGHS from 5:30-8:00pm. Parents will need to bring cheerleaders to the cafeteria/Commons area for camp. Please schedule vacations prior to this very important week.


As with any and all sports, it is important for your child to be at ALL practices unless excused prior to or ill. It only takes one cheerleader being absent to disrupt an entire stunt, half time or cheer off practice. Practice times will be determined by your coach but standard practices are held for 2 hours M/F prior to school starting and 1.5 hours after school starts on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday. 8th grade which will continue to practice for 2 hours Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. After school practices will be 5:45-7:15 for grades 1-­5 and 7:15-­8:45 for 6­-7th grade and 7:00-­9:00 for all 8th graders. Once school starts, 1st grade practices may not exceed more than two practices per week (days determined by coach)  and grades 2-­8 no more than three practices per week.


Games will be held on Saturdays. Games will be held at parks all over Gwinnett County. GFL does not guarantee any home games. Schedules will be made by GFL and will be sent to you as soon as your coach has them. It is not unusual for game schedules to not be available until the week of the 1st game. Girls must be in full dress for all games. Cheerleaders are to arrive 30 min prior to their game start time.  Games will be scheduled for Labor Day weekend.


Cheer Off is Sunday, Oct 14th at the Gwinnett Arena. This is an exciting opportunity for the squads to go in front of judges and compete with other squads and  associations. They will be performing a routine not to exceed 2 min. All of North Gwinnett squads will be participating in Cheer Off. Some cheer off practices may take place at a private gym and is to be determined by your coach and approved by the NGFA Board and Cheer Director. Squads in your child’s age group, per GFL, will be combining and other coaches will be working with your child. All of NGFA coaches have passed a background check and have been approved by the board to work with your child. It is important that if your child is going to be out of town or wishes to not compete in Cheer Off that your coach is informed NO LATER than the 1st week of practice! Missed practices/tardies may result in nonparticipation. The girls and coaches will have worked extremely hard on their routine- this is a great time to appreciate and recognize ALL of their hard work.


As already stated, it is very important for your child to be at all practices/camp/games unless excused. It is our goal that we build confidence in our cheerleaders. Missed practices means the entire squad is unable to perform the part that the missed participant is in. In addition, the absent cheerleader also must catch up to the rest of the girls when she returns as they are learning new techniques and cheers at every practice. With consistent practices the girls will develop confidence to cheer on the sideline, perform their halftime routine and/or Cheer Off.


Girls must wear weather appropriate clothing to all practices. Shorts should only be rolled one time. Tennis shoes are the only shoes acceptable for practice/games. New cheer shoes should only be worn at games or Cheer Off until after their season is over. Jewelry of any kind may not be worn at practices/games/Cheer Off. Band Aids covering jewelry is not acceptable. Please do not get ears pierced with in a few weeks of cheer season. If a child comes to a practice/game/Cheer Off with jewelry on, the child will not be allowed to participate until the jewelry is removed Coaches are not responsible for any jewelry removed.


It is important that all restroom breaks are done PRIOR to practices and games. If your child needs to leave a practice or game, an adult must accompany her.


Food, gum, drinks other than water are not allowed on the field at any time! Fines by GFL may be assessed to the parent or team.Regular sports drinks are allowed at practice as long as it is not on the turf field but gum and food unless authorized by your coach are prohibited at all times.



Parental participation is vital to NGFA and the success of your daughter. Parents will be asked to work gate duty for your daughters squad. Please always support your daughters coach and squad. Coaches through NGFA are volunteers and without all of the wonderful volunteers, NGFA would not be able to reach out to so many great kids. Please always have a positive attitude and know that NGFA has the kids best interest as a priority. Use of foul language at any NGFA function is prohibited and will result in removal.  If you have a concern, please inform your coach as soon as possible away from the children. If you feel your concern was not addressed by the coach your next contact person will be a cheer rep that your squad will be assigned. If you still feel that your concern was not addressed, contact the cheer director immediately, Tiffany Sharpe at


Your daughter is going to have a wonderful experience with NGFA. She will gain confidence, learn technique in dance and cheer, make friends and have fun cheering! We are so excited for the 2018 season and can’t wait to get started. GO DAWGS!