Coaching Qualifications

Qualified Coaches are chosen based on several factors including, but not limited to:

The applicant’s ability and commitment to…

  • teaching and mentoring children
  • putting safety first in their teaching techniques
  • being a positive role model for ALL participants
  • providing a fun atmosphere to nurture a love of the game for the participants
  • teaching important life skills to the participants over and above basic football or cheerleading fundamentals
  • putting the well being of the participants above the desire to win
  • knowledge of the game and proper fundamental teaching techniques appropriate for the sport of football or cheerleading
  • define goals, objectives, and abilities in an interview process directed by the NGFA
  • organize practices and game day responsibilities which are proper for all participants
  • making the time available to prepare and organize practices, game day responsibilities, and additional team functions
  • pass a historical background check of criminal history
  • adhering to the Code of Conduct as defined in the NGFA by-laws
  • representing the NGFA in a positive manner and promoting the benefits of participating in the NGFA
  • volunteering for additional NGFA or GFL activities above and beyond coaching your team including but not limited to season preparation, field duty, game day duty, and any other activities needed to assist the NGFA in providing the best possible experience for its members

Prior coaching or mentoring experience along with positive feedback received from former participants and their parents or guardians is recommended.